Director’s Welcome

Dear Museum Friends,

it is an honor to now be serving as Executive Director for the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art. Let’s continue making great progress working together to make our exhibitions and educational programs reach everyone.

Dear Friends of the Museum, Patrons, Sponsors and Volunteers,

It’s been nearly 12 years that I’ve worked at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art and its been a great experience for me to grow professionally into the arts ambiance. Let me take this opportunity to share valuable information about the BMFA. As a community, we have much to feel good about continuing to transform and improve our Museum, raising it to a different level, and creating a tremendous awareness to truly fine Art, the likes of which are usually only seen in the large art museums.
Our Mission is to contribute to the art education and cultural enrichment of the community, to exhibit works of art, to arrange for and offer educational programs for children and adults, and to encourage and develop the appreciation and advancement of art throughout the community.
With our leadership, the contributions and resources of all,  we’re accomplishing something special and big for the community, and creating a positive impact for generations to come. This is a community museum, and I want to thank all your efforts and support.
Also, I want to recognize and thank the BMFA staff, the Board Members, Art Instructors and Volunteers for their dedication and hard work. We are a great team and without them this institution cannot be what it is now.
The art exhibitions happening at the Museum for the last years have been successful; the local, national and international visitors had been having great experiences, also the RGV school districts bringing their students for tour, activities and workshops.
Become a part of the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, help us to continue supporting the arts, be an inspiration for many others and help us to leave a legacy into the community.
Deyanira Ramirez
Brownsville Museum of Fine Art
Interim Director