This exhibit chronicles the journey from simplicity and solitude to eye witnesses of history self-charged with documentation.  This photography is the handiwork of local residents, not professional photographers, punctuated by official photography from SpaceX and NASA. The exhibit is curated by a local resident whose real job involves philanthropy, not professional museum curation.

So, this is our story, this is a chronicle of the history being made on SpaceX’s goal of placing humans on Mars, as told by us. What is it like to have a rocket land in your backyard?  Come see for yourself!

Exhibited Photography

SpaceX     NASA

Local Photographers

Carlos Nuñez              Mary McConnaughey

   Rachael and Gene Gore        Trevor Mahlman                     

Austin Barnard              Jaime Almaguer

AXM Paper Space Scale Models

Curating Team

BCF Executive Director: Diane Milliken Garza, PhD 

BMFA Executive Director: Deyanira Ramirez

BMFA Director’s Assistant: Eraldo V. Estrada, MS

Lucha Averill of Sign Solution

Lorena Ramos

Photographic Displays

Master Welder: Roberto Gomez

Special Thanks

The Brownsville Community Foundation (BCF) is a beneficiary of the Boca Chica to Mars  exhibition.