Saturday Art Classes

September 2019 - May 2020


The Saturday Art Classes is our annual 9 month Art and Culture program to teach artists ages 6-12 about a wide variety of media and the rich cultural history of Brownsville, Texas. Each month in the Series focuses on a different series of mediums, themes and cultural traditions. Young artists will learn how to use traditional artist tools in innovative ways and will gain valuable experience working in groups to develop creative solutions. Students can join for an individual class or receive a discount to admission when they sign up for a full month of classes. Some scholarships are available.

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The Resaca Writers Program is a week-long after-school program that will take place during the 2017/18 school year. In the program students will learn about art history, art appreciation, journal keeping and creative writing. The program is free and runs from October 2017-May 2018. All youth will have the opportunity to enter their poems in a poetry contest to be held in June of 2018. Selected poets will read their works at an event at the BMFA.

Programs for Elementary and middle school youth meet Monday-Thursday from 4-5pm. Programs for High School youth meet Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm. Please call the BMFA for more information about program dates and registration. This program is funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Young Ambassadors is an art and civic engagement initiative for High School students in the city of Brownsville. Each semester 25 youth will be selected to use art as a tool to address a community development issue in the Buena Vida Neighborhood. Youth will be paid a small stipend to participate in this 10 week program which will culminate in the creation of a 4 panel mural that will be placed in a public site in the Buena Vida Neighborhood.

The Young Ambassadors is a highly collaborative socially engaged art program. In the project youth will learn about Public Interest Design, Social Practice Art, Creative Placemaking/ Placekeeping and Relational Aesthetics. The program provides an unmatched opportunity for young people to learn how art can work as a tool for civic engagement and community development. This program is part of our HEB Tournament of Champions Young Artist Program.

More information about the Young Ambassadors Program can be learned by visiting this link. Applications are due for the fall term October 4th.


Saturday Classes, Resaca Writers and Young Ambassadors are all part of our HEB Tournament of Champions Young Artist Program.

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