Class Description

Marilyn teaches basic watercolor techniques of application to beginners as well as to more advanced BMFA members. She offers structured class lessons as well as individual help and critique to her students. She frequently adds excitement by introducing instruction on using watercolor with gouache and acrylics with oriental and Yupo paper, inks, pastels, and wax. Marilyn also teaches color theory, value, and composition as essential elements in painting. She welcomes all to become fearless, experimental and join her classes.


Marilyn was raised in Iowa. Her working career was in Iowa and Illinois as a Registered Nurse and later as a pharmaceutical representative. She also raised a family during the 60’s and 70’s with her husband Les. They moved to Holiday Island, AR after retirement in 1986 and also raised a grandson. There she was instrumental in founding the Holiday Island Association of the Arts to pursue her childhood interest in painting. Local professional artists were hired to conduct classes and workshops. This association celebrated their 25th year in 2015 inviting Marilyn to exhibit her art as guest of honor.

After working in varied media, she discovered the wonders of watercolor with renowned artist Sheila Parsons and later assisted Parsons in conducting workshops in AR. She then attended numerous workshops through the years with famous instructors such as Tony Couch, Pat Dews, Nina Leland, Gerald Brommer, Betsy Stroud, Judi Betts, Maxine Maxfield, Warren Taylor, M. Douglas Walton, Emilio Aburgarde, Karen McCauley and Anita Deibel. From these varied workshop exposures Marilyn developed her own individual style with emphasis on texture and color.
Marilyn has won numerous awards at juried art exhibitions and sold her artworks to collectors in Iowa, Illinois, New York, Florida,Arkansas, and Texas. She received the Octavia Arneson Award in 2004 as well as numerous ribbons at the Brownsville International Show during past years. She has had four solo exhibits. Her art currently decorates the walls of Solera Hospital compliments of a Brownsville collector.

Because Marilyn found the process of painting to be a help dealing with the stress of everyday life she wants to share her zeal with others, especially senior citizens. She began conducting watercolor classes and workshops in her studio and after becoming a Winter Texan in 1988 began volunteering teaching at BAL in 1989 and subsequently at BMFA. She has been a permanent Brownsville resident since 2006.