Class Description

Mrs. Gomez uses her extensive knowledge of the arts to teach her students about oil and acrylic painting.


Mrs. Nerea Anzaldua Garcia de Gomez was born in Matamoros, Tamaulipas to Professor Ernesto Anzaldua and Mrs. Delfina Garcia de Anzaldua. From a young age Mrs. Gomez had an attraction to pencil drawings. This would later shift towards oil as she took classes with the teacher Maria Elena Palacios de Bouchard where she would go on to participate in multiple events.

She was also the student of Bartolome Mestre at the Brownsville Art League for 18 years. Her work has been presented in a wide variety of locations including:

1990– Group exhibition at the Saint Joseph Academy in Brownsville
1991– Solo Exhibit in the “Museo Casa Mata” in Matamoros of portraits of local women
1993– Group exhibition organized by the Gabriela Mistral Foundation. Her works included portraits, still life, and scenery
1996– Taught at the Browsnville Art League for 10 years
1997– Solo exhibition of portraits and still life at the Jose Maria Barrientos Academy of Plastic Arts in Matamoros
1998– Group exhibition of “Festival de la Frontera” in the Teatro de la Reforma with portraits of General Fransisco Villa and General Emiliano Zapata
2000– Solo exhibit in the Brownsville Art League and painted the “Sacred Family” mural located at the Sacred Family Church in Matamoros
2004– Created and exhibited 12 portraits of famous actors from Mexico at the Teatro de le Reforma
2005– Student of Ximena Subercaseaux
2007– Began teaching at the BMFA
2009– Instructed by Benjamin Dominguez
2010– Group exhibition “Manos Sublimes” to raise money for Charro Days. Received recognition at the International Fall Festival for her career in the fine arts
2011– Received recognition for her years of volunteering as a teacher at the BMFA
2012– Raised money for Charro Days in Matamoros through participation in a group exhibition in the Galeria Albertina. Solo and group exhibitions, “Bajo la Mirada de Anzaldua,” at the same location of portraits of local painters
2014– Judge of the 43rd Student International Art Show at the BMFA
2016– Judge at the elementary schools in Brownsville, Texas