Class Description

Nora’s art class is a holistic class. Art history is introduced as part of the course. Students are taught both drawing and color mixing techniques. Ultimately the students will utilize all of the basic principles of art to look at their own canvas and create drawings and paintings.


Nora M. Garza’s painting style ranges from realistic to impressionistic although she is always exploring and experimenting with various new mediums and styles. Her paintings are made to reflect her focus on “cheerful reality and the astounding beauty in nature.”

Mrs. Garza began her career in the arts at a very young age. After winning multiple contests as a child she found that she was developing a real love for art. When she was 13, Mrs. Garza’s parents registered her in painting classes at the Brownsville Art League. There she trained with artist Barolome Mangruel who introduced her to the medium of oil painting.

When she was still young, Nora’s parents passed. While she stopped painting for a short period she continued to pursue her love for art. Continuing with her education at Pan American Univeristy she graduated with a major in education and a minor in art. After her graduation Mrs. Garza began to paint once more and extended her knowledge to acrylics. However, she later returned to school to obtain a masters in education and started a career as a school principal. This new responsibility would keep her from painting until her retirement many years later. Now she gives classes to her brothers and sisters in the arts at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.