The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art is designed to be accessible for its variety of guests, where patrons are accommodated to the greatest degree possible so that their condition does not affect their experience.

The BMFA incorporates into its design easy interactivity with low physical effort.

ADA accessible parking with van access & ramp up to the sidewalk

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Wheelchair-accessible double door entrance

Especially designate restroom stall with assisting handrails

Even -level flooring throughout the building

Water fountain installed at sitting height

Areas are marked with a wheelchair accessible plaque that includes Braile

American Sign Language interpreter available

designed for efficient commuting and comfortably with minimum fatigue

Baby diaper changing stations are available in all restrooms

Service dog accessible and friendly

Wheelchair height lobby counters and work tables

Size and spacing are provided for approach, reach, smooth maneuvering, and use, regardless of the visitor’s body size, posture, or mobility.

We offer areas spacious enough for social distancing walkers, oxygen tanks, and wheelchair ease-of access, ensuring that patrons of every condition enjoy the inclusive atmosphere that the BMFA provides to improve their visit and engagement.