Meet Our Wonderful Staff

Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that every guest always has a memorable and educational experience during their visit.

Deyanira Ramirez

Executive Director

The BMFA has Deyanira Ramirez as the Executive Director; she leadership the Museum. She manages the staff, oversees the daily operations, and coordinate the exhibitions and the educational programs.

Dora Duarte

Store / Rentals

Dora runs the gift store, organizes the inventory, coordinates volunteers, and manages the rental events. She also supports the BMFA in any other areas as required.

Isabel Valle

Facility Operation

Isabel is responsible for maintaining the facilities in perfect conditions. She also coordinates volunteers and supports the BMFA in any other areas as required.

Karl J. Lieck

Art Education Coordinator/ Curator

Karl is our art educator; he runs the Saturday and Summer art classes. He also curates and hangs most of our exhibitions. Karl in in charge to do the guided tours, and he also supports the museum in any other areas as required.

Please let us know if you have questions, also; let us know if we can provide a better and quality experience improving our customer service.

We are here to help and to make your visit a pleasant experience.

Brownsville Museum of Fine Art