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We’re the movers, the shakers, all fueled by a passion for art and a love for learning. Our team is a kaleidoscope of talents—artists, educators, and enthusiasts who believe that art is not just something you see, but something you experience. 

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Cultural Innovator

Ada Beltri is a dynamic professional with a rich background in developing and managing educational and cultural programs for museums, nonprofits, and government institutions. As the Educational Programs Coordinator at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, she consistently seeks innovative methods to provide high-quality educational programming that aligns with the BMFA mission while actively responding to the community’s needs. 

Ada has a diverse background in educational roles, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to her current position. The central focus of Ada’s professional career has been the promotion of the human right to accessibility to art, especially for children and young people, and the dissemination of the arts and education for everyone. Ada’s extensive experience includes managing cultural and artistic programs in Mexico, where she played pivotal roles in high-profile events like the Festival Internacional de Tamaulipas. Ada had the opportunity to work at the Forum Universal de las Culturas Monterrey 2008, an international event focused on promoting peace, cultural diversity, and sustainable development. She worked with the cultural department of Tamaulipas state. Also she managed in Tamaulipas, a national project to prevent family and child violence with the nonprofit Educadores Somos Todos A.C. in 2016 and 2017. Ada also spearheaded a United Nations-backed program promoting literacy among children and youth in Tamaulipas. Additionally, she co-created and produced “Voces de la Infancia,” an award-winning radio program advocating for children’s rights.

With a B.A. in International Relations from Tec de Monterrey, a specialization in Children’s Rights, and currently pursuing a Master’s in Early Childhood Education at UTRGV, Ada’s educational journey is a neverending path. Her journey includes internships at renowned institutions such as the Museo de Historia Mexicana in Monterrey, Museo Marco A.C., and Museo de Historia de Tamaulipas in Ciudad Victoria. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Ada’s blend of international experience, cultural advocacy, and strategic program management makes her a standout leader in cultural  management and community engagement.

Artist and Educator

Priscilla, as the Summer Camp Coordinator, ensures that our campers have a wonderful experience during their time at the museum. She collaborates closely with the education department to develop activities for educational programs and guided tours. She has led numerous craft classes for all ages and coordinated Summer Camps for the BMFA. Currently, she leads tours for the organization, integrating art activities that enhance the museum experience for visitors of all ages.

Additionally, Priscilla works with the exhibition department, often found in the galleries working on art labels, or in the gift shop offering information to visitors. Her dedication and multifaceted role contribute significantly to the enriching and enjoyable experiences of all museum guests. 

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Art with a teacher certification at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Morado’s work is a journey of exploration. Her art prompts reflection on themes such as identity and storytelling, inviting engagement and connection with her audience. She has contributed to education through various paths, including teaching in multiple schools via the “Children’s Museum of Brownsville mini makers program,” a platform dedicated to integrating science and design through artistic expression.

Artist and Educator – Summer Camps and Regular Art Classes for Children

Born in Matamoros, Mexico, Jose Angel Lozano thrives at the intersection of art and education. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in philosophy from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2021, his artistic journey took flight.

His journey began with foundational academic studies at Texas Southmost College and an inspiring residency at the New York Academy of Art in 2018. Recently, he completed a one-year residency at the Art Business Incubator in South Padre Island, where he held his first solo show titled “SEACOAST,” focusing on the ocean as the primary subject matter and exploring the relationship between abstract expressionism and French impressionism.

Since 2019, his ceramics and paintings have been showcased in exhibitions across the Rio Grande Valley, driven by his dedication to education through leading diverse workshops.

Lozano currently serves as the Exhibition Coordinator at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, where he also teaches Saturday art classes and some sessions of the Art & Music Summer Camp. He enjoys integrating art history into his lessons and has been actively researching the museum’s permanent collection since his arrival. Continuing his artistic journey, he will begin his MFA at UTRGV in August 2024, focusing on ongoing studies and interdisciplinary exploration to enrich his artistry.

Artist and Educator

Jesse James is a freelance artist currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Studio Art at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). With two years of dedicated experience in the art world, Jesse has engaged in various creative endeavors, including commissions, business advertising, mural work, and personal projects.

Jesse’s strongest medium is colored pencil, a choice that reflects a deep appreciation for the slow layering of colors to produce vibrant, contrasting, and richly detailed imagery. This medium has not only enhanced Jesse’s technical skills but has also fostered significant personal growth, improving discipline, time management, and self-confidence. Through art, Jesse finds a sense of pride and accomplishment, which is evident in every piece created.

Jesse aims to inspire individuals of all ages to explore their creative potential and share their artistic expressions with others. The ability to bring something from imagination to reality is a wonderful and empowering experience that Jesse passionately advocates for, hoping to ignite the creative spark in everyone.

Artist and Educator

Born in South Texas but raised in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, to a Puerto Rican father and a Mexican mother, Sara Barriera embodies the popular border narrative known as “Ni de aquí, ni de allá” (“Nor from here or there”). Sara attended university in Brownsville, TX, where she began to explore and appreciate this unique cultural identity.

With seven years of experience as an artist and educator, Sara has guided creative minds from Pre-K to 12th grade and at the university level. Her creativity and passion have driven her to share her talents both through her artistic practice and educational endeavors. Specializing in 2-D art with a focus on digital media and illustration, Sara holds a BA in Art and a Master of Fine Arts in 2-D Art from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Sara’s recent work includes completing a 24×72 feet mural at Tony Gonzalez Park in Brownsville, Texas. This mural, titled “Border Kids,” highlights the resilience and spirit of the people living along the border. Her work speaks volumes about the strength and unity of her community.

Artist and Educator

Teodoro, a master artist and educator from Brownsville, Texas, retired from the BISD Fine Arts Department as Supervisor of Visual Arts in 2020. He has since sought to connect and impact art communities throughout Texas. Teodoro currently teaches and curates exhibits at the Brownsville Museum Fine Arts. Teodoro demonstrates unwavering dedication by willingly coming to work whenever needed to meticulously install and curate exhibitions, ensuring each display is presented with precision and artistic flair.

In 2006, he returned from Houston to pursue his long-term goals of acquiring a Master of Fine Arts Degree and reuniting with family. Teodoro holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, a Technical Certificate in Art from the Art Institute of Houston, a Master Certificate in Technology Applications from the University of North Texas, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Texas Pan-Am. He has attained two fellowships at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar. Teodoro has volunteered and served the Houston community by engaging with the East-End Business Community and art organizations such as Foto-Fest. He has also served on the boards of Youth Advocates Houston and the Lawndale Art Center Houston, co-chaired events for Diverse-Works Houston, and presented numerous workshops at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Contemporary Art Museum, twice at the Texas Art Education Association Conference, and once at the National Art Education Association Conference.

Pianist and Educator – Summer Camps and Regular Courses

Josue Medellin, a distinguished Mexican-American pianist hailing from Matamoros, Mexico, began his formal music education at the Colegio de San Juan Siglo XXI at the age of eight. His passion and dedication to music led him to the University of Rio Grande Valley, where he earned a Music Education degree in 2016, distinguished by several scholarships.

In May 2020, Medellin furthered his studies by obtaining a Master’s degree in Piano Performance from Eastern Kentucky University. During his tenure there, he contributed as a graduate assistant in both piano and jazz disciplines, enhancing his expertise and teaching skills.

Medellin’s teaching career includes a significant role at the UTB Music Academy from 2012 to 2016, where he instructed private and group piano lessons. He diligently prepared students for recitals, competitions, and music festivals. His teaching portfolio extends to various churches and schools across Mexico and the US, where he imparted knowledge in contemporary piano, worship ensemble, and music theory.

An accomplished performer, Medellin has showcased his talent at prestigious music festivals, including the Schlern International Music Festival in Italy and the Nuevo Mundo International Festival in Aruba. His accolades include a Gold rating at the NOVY Competition in 2016 and second prize at the Josephine Walker American Music Competition in 2019, held in Richmond, KY.

Currently, Josue Medellin serves the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District as a piano instructor and assistant choir director. His diverse experience and commitment to music education make him a valuable asset to the educational community.

Versatile Musician and Dedicated Educator – Summer Camps

Hugo Aranda stands as a dynamic force in the realm of music, embodying a harmonious blend of artistry and pedagogy. With over 13 years of experience, Mr. Aranda has carved a niche for himself as an accomplished musician and a highly respected music educator.

His journey into the world of music education began with fervor, teaching both private and group lessons to students of diverse backgrounds. His exceptional teaching methods and unwavering passion for music have garnered great acclaim from students and peers alike. Mr. Aranda’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a love for music is evident in the remarkable progress and achievements of his students.

Beyond his role as an instructor, Mr. Aranda actively contributes to the development of various music programs within the community. He takes pride in sharing his expertise and experiences, enriching the musical landscape and inspiring aspiring musicians.

In addition to his teaching endeavors, Hugo Aranda maintains a vibrant studio where he continues to refine his skills as a musician. His proficiency spans across multiple instruments, making him a versatile artist capable of captivating audiences with his performances.

Mr. Aranda’s commitment to music education extends beyond the classroom, as he strives to create a positive impact through his artistry and mentorship. His unwavering dedication and contributions make him a valuable asset to the music community and an inspiration to aspiring musicians.