‘By The Sea’ unveils the compelling wonders of South Padre Island and Boca Chica beach through an unprecedented fusion of artists throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Here, the ocean stands as an endless well of inspiration, stirring a diverse gathering of seasoned and emerging artists together that work in a variety of styles and media from ceramics, wood, jewelry, paper, painting, watercolor and more. Using landscapes, sculptures, and subtle storytelling, these artists aim to present their distinct interpretations of the beloved sea that has long captivated the community. Through an educational lens, this body of work celebrates the ocean’s glamour, capturing its radiant sunbursts, whispering greenery, beloved marine life, and the dynamic cadence of waves, evoking the spirit behind Brownsville’s slogan, ‘On the Border by the Sea.’ Featuring the artistic brilliance of Robert Andes, Jose Lozano, Ryan Henry, Eva Ryan, Gloria Reyes, Jimmi Keirn, Vivi Sanguino, Jenny Lundak, Fariss Ryan, Shelly Hamsa, Angel Loo, Ivan Benavides, and Audrey Lorissa.

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