Intent in Deconstruction

At the heart of my artistic journey lies a profound exploration of intent. The creative process unfolds across multiple dimensions: creation, reflection, and activism. I deconstruct meaning through the repurposing of textile waste. The process and materials employed often become the guiding force behind the creations.

Minimalist Aesthetic and the Confluence of Nature and Geometry

Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, I rely on simple shapes, lines, and a limited color palette to articulate my ideas with clarity.The stark dichotomy between the realm of high-end aesthetics and the discarded remnants of our overpopulated world is confronted head-on.

Detached Connection delves into the intricate interplay between humanity and the natural world. I employ techniques with repetitive forms, such as knotting, braiding, and weaving on geometric base structures. The simplicity and power of these humble skills ground the work, evoking a sense of the organic connection we share with nature. With each knot, I manipulate textiles— inherently soft and malleable—transform into structures that possess shape and form. These structures hold space within the exhibition, demanding attention and challenging us to confront our role in the current state of our Earth.

One ongoing series, first debuted at an exhibition in Marfa, Texas, centers around the conventional business suit—a symbol of conformity and detachment from the consequences of excessive business practices. The works pay homage to my admiration for conceptual art and geometric aesthetics by transforming the suit into reliefs and sculptures. Recognizable fragments, like sleeves and deconstructed jackets, find new life in orderly stacking techniques. These works don’t merely dissect the physical components of the suit; they probe its very essence and significance.

Confronting Textile Waste

My work serves as a poignant reminder of the environmental consequences of our actions. It invites contemplation of the path we tread as consumers of a world teeming with textiles. Just as weaving carries a rich history of storytelling, I aim to continue this tradition by carrying forward a story of awareness—one that weaves together the threads of textile waste and the urgent need for change.

Through Detached Connection, viewers are invited to explore the intricate relationship between intent and material, unveiling hidden narratives within the fabric of our world. This exhibition stands as a testament to our collective ability to reshape the world, one knot at a time.

René Garza, a Houston-based multidisciplinary artist, draws inspiration from his journey through the worlds of fashion and celebrity styling, which have profoundly influenced his artistic sensibilities. With over 15 years in an industry fueled by visceral beauty, Garza now channels those experiences to craft a body of work deeply rooted in conceptual art.

In Garza’s world, intent is the unifying thread that weaves through his creations. It’s not just about the final product, but the journey, the materials, and the process itself. He’s an alchemist of discarded materials, turning them into art and urging us to reconsider our relationship with waste. The rich textile history from Garza’s Mexican American culture continues the tradition of inclusion of meaning in art.

One of Garza’s highlights was when his graphite drawing on paper was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Another notable achievement was the creation of a site-specific sculpture that greeted guests at the 2018 Texas Contemporary Art Fair. Crafted from upcycled PVC pipes, it represents Houston’s connection to the oil industry and pays homage to the architecture of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Garza’s art extends beyond exhibitions into the public realm. His largest site-specific installation, titled “A Moment,” spanned an entire building facade measuring 25’x100’, encouraging viewers to pause and reflect. In 2021, Garza’s solo show ‘Deconstructed’ debuted in Marfa, Texas, featuring structures crafted from stacked deconstructed suits exhibited throughout an entire former office building.

Recently, one of Garza’s textile sculptures was featured in CraftTexas 2022 at the Houston Center For Contemporary Craft. An upcoming solo show, titled “Detached Connection,” will run from November 18th, 2023, through January 12th, 2024, at The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

One of Garza’s collectors, Lester Marks, describes the artworks as follows: “Black as the darkest night, folding itself from side to side, from outside to inside.Building a mystery, a mystery of thick lushness like a rain cloud falling from the sky, falling but never sinking as the manipulated material fills with air into its pockets of expansiveness driving the art piece back high into the sky, again and again.”  ArtNews named Marks as one of the top 200 Collectors in the World. Art and Antiques named him as one of the top 100 Collectors in America making a difference in the art world.