The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art is presenting the exhibition “Mexican Wrestling, 90 years of history,” which includes abundant iconographic material and objects that will allow visitors to reflect on this sport as a spectacle, and above all, its role as part of Mexican identity and history.

This exhibition refers to a history of wrestling that has never been presented in the United States before. It is a significant curatorial and museographic challenge, as it integrates original and authentic objects from great legends of Mexican wrestling without implying a presentation of each of their sporting trajectories.

This ambitious project would not be possible without the support of the Collection of Christian Cymet López Suarez, who loaned us over one hundred objects that are part of a unique collection in Mexico, distinguished by its quantity, quality, and singularity about the world of wrestling.

The exhibition, which will be on display from June 9 to July 29, has Mexican wrestling as its central theme, more than one hundred years after its arrival in Mexico and 90 years after its professionalization. It will be approached from September 21, 1933, the day of the inauguration of the former Arena Mexico, up to the present day.

As part of the exhibition, the museum will offer other special events, such as wrestling shows, conferences with special guests and superstar wrestlers in different locations in Brownsville.