“Everywhere- Visions of Arquetopia”

The few short weeks spent in residence in Puebla, Mexico prompted a sea change in my approach to making art. The works on paper are daily letters, works made in a studio surrounded on four sides and a ceiling of glass. The changes in light and reflection during the day are an opportunity to consider the relationship of my body and not only confined within the smaller space, but interacting with the surrounding city.

I am also currently attending the Arquetopia Honors Alumni Residency Program, a special academic program for the most outstanding Arquetopia artist-in-residence alumni. Designed as an invitation-only, long-term residency, it offers an 18-month program combining an on-site residency with a standard duration of 4 week to 8 weeks and up to 17-month long-distance advisory process. During the long-distance advisory process, I have mentored directly with founding director and curator Francisco Guevara. There, with fellow international artists research component access to Arquetopia’s online classroom platform, critical readings, advisory sessions, and general professional guidance for the entire duration of the program. In depth personal virtual meetings, couple with group session allow for the interchange of ideas and critiques, as well as an international perspective on current art.