Indigenous Warriors and Rituals of Mesoamerica

Andy’s background as a Texan and a Hispanic male help form his aesthetics.  For the past twenty years the Mexican culture has been a major source of inspiration to him. The pride in Andy’s culture stimulates him with intense energy and enthusiasm to create his art. The Heartbeat of the culture is the root of what Villarreal’s work is about.

“I try to embrace and celebrate the richness of the culture and its achievements as well as the sadness of its demise. Indigenous people and deities from Yucatan interact in varying times and places in my art.”

Warriors, pyramids, jaguars, serpents, and slaves can be found performing various Mesoamerican rituals. Other important symbols and motifs from ancient civilization can also be found. Ongoing themes such as history, mythology, religion, as well as architectural elements can be found in Andy’s abstract art. Andy’s work crosses cultures and portrays the Human conditions, social order, harmony, and struggles in the celebration of life. Figures can be found in real and contrived scenes to help narrate these concepts. The viewer is invited to experience and interpret these events and draw their own conclusions.

Andy A. Villarreal